Feature Requests

17 votes

Single page layout options for Custom Post Types

Page Builder Framework Premium has a cool feature that you can customize the archive layout separately from the Blog archive layout for each Custom Post Type. Have the same ability…

Completed 2 comments
11 votes

Related Posts feature

This feature is absolutely essential for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers in order to Reduce the bounce rate by displaying more recommended content. Would be Awesome to have this needed feature…

Completed 2 comments
7 votes

Extra Typo Settings for Submenu

If I want to have the main menu uppercased and with a wider letterspacing, it’s highly possible, I don’t want this setting to be transfered to submenus, since it would…

Completed 4 comments
6 votes

Infinite Scroll for posts and custom posts

Hello there! It would be very useful if you could extend the archive page infinite scroll from just products to other custom posts and posts in general. Thank you Giacomo…

Completed 2 comments
5 votes

Customization Option to Disable Comments

Looking through the docs and The Customizer, I do not see an option to disable comments outright. It would be nice to have an option under the Blog section to…

Completed 3 comments
5 votes

Lowercase text transform options for Heading tags

Currently we can only choose Uppercase as a text transform option for headings. Would love to be able to use lowercase instead without needing to add custom CSS each time.

Completed 3 comments
3 votes

Full Screen Menu: Quit/exit menu with click

For improved UX an option to quit the menu by clicking anywhere outside of the links would be great. Currently the only way to hide the full-screen menu is to…

Completed 1 comment
3 votes

Custom schema.org itemtypes filter

There doesn’t seem to be a way to filter the schema.org `itemtype` attribute on articles and right now, all attributes are set to “CreativeWork”, which is not always correct for…

Completed 1 comment
3 votes

Social icon link titles

Consider using a “title” attribute for social icon links rendered by the `wpbf_social()` function. I don’t think we need an input field in the customiser to set them, it’s sufficient…

Completed 1 comment
2 votes

Use relative path for font cache

and eliminate the need to manually clear the font cache folder when migrating the site to a different host. In response to this issue: https://wp-pagebuilderframework.com/docs/fonts-not-loading-correctly/

Completed 2 comments
1 vote

Export/Import settings

As a WordPress web developer, I have a starter theme and database utilized for all my clients. It would be helpful to be able to import default settings for menu…

Completed 1 comment
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