Feature Requests

53 votes

Header builder

Make it easier to customize the site’s header with drag and drop elements.

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20 votes

Header Search Form - More Options

It would be great, specially for ecommerce websit,e get more options for the search form within the header such as width (desk vs mobile) and icon's position in the menu.

15 votes

WooCommerce Side Cart

Provide the option to have the cart slide out vs dropdown. A function similar to the Shopify aesthetic such as this. https://apps.shopify.com/slide-cart

14 votes

Smooth scrolling for anchor links

It would be great to enable smooth scrolling for anchor links, so that when we click to go to an anchor section or place anchor links in the navigation, the…

12 votes

Allow HTML in call-to-action text field.

For example: I'd like to make the call-to-action a phone number and include a Font Awesome icon next to it. Currently, the HTML gets escaped/removed.

10 votes

More Improvements to Global Colors

The new Global Colors are definitely the step in a good direction, but for now, I'll have to stay with Central Color Palette… Things I miss: – unlimited number of…

9 votes

Built-in "Sticky Sidebar"

let’s make “Page Builder Framework” as much self-sufficient as possible 🙂

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9 votes

Header options on a page level

Hi David I came to PBF from the dark side – OceanWP. One feature that I loved on that theme was the option to choose a different logo / Nav…

8 votes

Global colour names

The global colour palette allows us to set 8 colours which can be used in the theme customiser. The front-end then styles those global colours as: `has-wpbf-palette-color-1-color`, `has-wpbf-palette-color-2-color`, etc. It…

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7 votes

More Options for Submenu Arrow

At least there should be the ability to select its size and turn it off completely. Selecting other icon would be beneficial too.

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7 votes

Smart responsive menu

A menu that looks great on all viewports and doesn't go automatically into the hamburger menu. It groups on-the-fly all of the menu items that don’t fit and create the…

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7 votes

mobile offcanvas menu on the left

It would be useful to move the mobile offcanvas menu to the left. This would result in a header layout with [offcanvas Logo search cart]. Search and cart are optional,…

6 votes

Footer Columns Width or dynamic columns width

Hi, I really love using a footer of Page builder framework. The only limitation that I found is that I cannot adjust the width as we need. For example if…

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