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4 votes

Typography - Custom Fonts - Add Font Weight

Right now, whenever font CSS is added it's 400 (regular) by default on all files. It would be nice to be able to define a font-weight that could be carried…

4 votes

custom section as a shorcode

– For recurring content – Individual positioning in the content => [custom-section id=xx]

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2 votes

2 Sidebars at the same time

I would like to have a possibility to activate two sidebars at the same time, hope that it will be possible in the future.

2 votes

WP CLI Integration

I'd love to be able to activate my license using wp cli.

3 votes

Sidebar / Widget Styles

It would be nice to be able to customize things like widget headers ( background and color ), widget link colors, and widget hover colors. It would also be nice…

9 votes

Built-in "Sticky Sidebar"

let’s make “Page Builder Framework” as much self-sufficient as possible 🙂

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8 votes

Global colour names

The global colour palette allows us to set 8 colours which can be used in the theme customiser. The front-end then styles those global colours as: `has-wpbf-palette-color-1-color`, `has-wpbf-palette-color-2-color`, etc. It…

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5 votes

Footer Columns Width or dynamic columns width

Hi, I really love using a footer of Page builder framework. The only limitation that I found is that I cannot adjust the width as we need. For example if…

Planned 2 comments
11 votes

Allow HTML in call-to-action text field.

For example: I'd like to make the call-to-action a phone number and include a Font Awesome icon next to it. Currently, the HTML gets escaped/removed.

14 votes

WooCommerce Side Cart

Provide the option to have the cart slide out vs dropdown. A function similar to the Shopify aesthetic such as this. https://apps.shopify.com/slide-cart

12 votes

Smooth scrolling for anchor links

It would be great to enable smooth scrolling for anchor links, so that when we click to go to an anchor section or place anchor links in the navigation, the…

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