There are several shortcodes you can use to display certain information on your website.

Publisher (deprecated)

To credit the developer/designer of the website in the footer, we can use the the [credit] Shortcode. We simply need to specify the publisher name & the actual link to the website. The shortcode will then render a nofollow-link to the publishers website like this.

Shortcode: [credit]

Powered by the [credit url="" name="Page Builder Framework"]

Result: Powered by the Page Builder Framework

Social Icons

You can set up and customize Social Profile icons under General -> Social Media Links & General -> Social Media Icons inside the WordPress Customizer. To display them in the footer or anywhere else on your website, simply use the [social] shortcode.

Shortcode: [social]

Responsive Youtube & Vimeo videos

We made it easy to add responsive YouTube & Vimeo videos to your website. Simply use the [wpbf-responsive-video] shortcode and your video automatically adjusts to its parent width.

Shortcode: [wpbf-responsive-video src="url-from-embed-link"]

[wpbf-responsive-video src=""]

In terms of GDPR, you can chose wether you want the video to load automatically or let people opt-in before establishing a connection to YouTube or Vimeo.

This can be done by adding the opt_in tag to the shortcode.

[wpbf-responsive-video src="" opt_in="true"]

Note: you can’t simply copy and paste the url to your YouTube/Vimeo. Make sure to grab the embed-link from the actual iframe like this:


Click the button below to load the video from YouTube.

Load Video

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