Icon Font

Page Builder Framework comes with its own icon font. Below is a list of all icons that are included in the theme.

Icon Name HTML (Example)
Arrow Up <i class="wpbff wpbff-arrow-up"></i>
Arrow Down <i class="wpbff wpbff-arrow-down"></i>
Arrow Right <i class="wpbff wpbff-arrow-right"></i>
Arrow Left <i class="wpbff wpbff-arrow-left"></i>
Hamburger <i class="wpbff wpbff-hamburger"></i>
Times (Close) <i class="wpbff wpbff-times"></i>
Clock <i class="wpbff wpbff-clock"></i>
Cart <i class="wpbff wpbff-cart"></i>
Basket <i class="wpbff wpbff-basket"></i>
Caret Up <i class="wpbff wpbff-caret-up"></i>
Caret Down <i class="wpbff wpbff-caret-down"></i>
Caret Right <i class="wpbff wpbff-caret-right"></i>
Caret Left <i class="wpbff wpbff-caret-left"></i>
Facebook <i class="wpbff wpbff-facebook"></i>
Twitter <i class="wpbff wpbff-twitter"></i>
Google <i class="wpbff wpbff-google"></i>
YouTube <i class="wpbff wpbff-youtube"></i>
Pinterest <i class="wpbff wpbff-pinterest"></i>
LinkedIn <i class="wpbff wpbff-linkedin"></i>
Vimeo <i class="wpbff wpbff-vimeo"></i>
Soundcloud <i class="wpbff wpbff-soundcloud"></i>
Yelp <i class="wpbff wpbff-yelp"></i>
Instagram <i class="wpbff wpbff-instagram"></i>
Search <i class="wpbff wpbff-search"></i>
Bag <i class="wpbff wpbff-bag"></i>
Behance <i class="wpbff wpbff-behance"></i>
Spotify <i class="wpbff wpbff-spotify"></i>
Reddit <i class="wpbff wpbff-reddit"></i>
Info <i class="wpbff wpbff-info"></i>
RSS <i class="wpbff wpbff-rss"></i>
GitHub <i class="wpbff wpbff-github"></i>
Facebook Messenger <i class="wpbff wpbff-messenger"></i>
Xing <i class="wpbff wpbff-xing"></i>
WhatsApp <i class="wpbff wpbff-whatsapp"></i>
Snapchat <i class="wpbff wpbff-snapchat"></i>
Email <i class="wpbff wpbff-email"></i>
Home <i class="wpbff wpbff-home"></i>
User <i class="wpbff wpbff-user"></i>
User (outline) <i class="wpbff wpbff-user-o"></i>
TikTok <i class="wpbff wpbff-tiktok"></i>
Patreon <i class="wpbff wpbff-patreon"></i>
Dribbble <i class="wpbff wpbff-dribbble"></i>
Tumblr <i class="wpbff wpbff-tumblr"></i>
Phone <i class="wpbff wpbff-phone"></i>
Phone (outline) <i class="wpbff wpbff-phone-o"></i>
Bag 2 <i class="wpbff wpbff-bag-2"></i>
Calendar <i class="wpbff wpbff-calendar"></i>
Loading Indicator <i class="wpbff wpbff-loader"></i>
Document <i class="wpbff wpbff-document"></i>

Last updated on: March 21st, 2022

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