CSS Framework

We don’t use Bootstrap or any other CSS framework in Page Builder Framework to reduce loading time. Instead we have created our own, minimalistic CSS framework. Take a look at the helper classes below to easily customize the look of your website.


Apply the themes default button styling to your links using the wpbf-button class.

CSS-class: wpbf-button

<a class="wpbf-button wpbf-button-primary" href="#">click me</a>

click me

Primary Button

Add the wpbf-button-primary class to modify the look of the default button (wpbf-button). The button will use the accent color from the WordPress customizer as a background color.

CSS-classes: wpbf-button wpbf-button-primary

<a class="wpbf-button wpbf-button-primary" href="#">click me</a>

click me

Full width images

This is handy if you’re working on your blog layout for instance. With this helper class your image will set to 100% width so they fit its parent container.

CSS-classes: wpbf-img or wpbf-image

<img class="wpbf-image" src="https://wp-pagebuilderframework.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/wpbf-clean-design.jpg">

Note: this post ist still under construction

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