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Lots of things to do…


I’ve just purchased WPFB and have spent the weekend putting it in to an established site. The site had used GeneratePress – which had handled things well. There were a couple of issues so I thought I install WPFB to see how it works. Having done so I quickly came to realise just how much of the GP toolset I relied on.Β  This a is short list of some of the simple things WPBF cannot do…

Cannot turn off featured image (on per-post basis)
Cannot set sidebarΒ  (on per-post basis)
Cannot make Sticky menu boxed
Cannot set content/sidebar widths
Cannot remove widget titles
Cannot set sub-menu (drop-down) width
Cannot choose image (size) for “image beside post” blog layout
Cannot insert (Elementor) library items on pages without using functions

Perhaps I am taking the wrong approach but I do not consider these items “Feature Requests”. I’d call it a list of must-haves!


  • Hi Antar,

    I’m just another customer like you, so please know I do not speak for the WBPF team. But, I can tell you that WPBF is one of the lightest and fastest themes available today. The team is very responsive so I’m sure you will receive a prompt reply to your post here.

    But I can also say that all of the items listed above can be achieved fairly easily…. but may require you to add a few lines of CSS on your own.

    I think the documentation can quickly show you all of the filters and hooks referenced in your list, and I’d be surprised if it took more than 30 minutes or so to load your customizations into the child style sheet.

    We are a small but loyal group of users. I bet if you asked for help on the FB group – you could get the help you need! πŸ™‚

  • Hi, Neil –

    Thanks for your comments. I don’t disagree with you. I just thought more features would be part of the core framework. The obvious one (for me) is the control to switch on/off a featured image. It is already possible to switch off the page/post title – so why not the featured image?

    I like using switches to turn things off/on as I find it aids the design process.

    The other one that I found odd is the way that certain sidebar widgets display their titles. The Search widget is an example. It is impossible to turn the title off! “Search” displays over the widget even if there is no text in the title field.

    All that said, I am really starting to enjoy using the framework. I’ve installed Beaver Themer and the relationship is like a dream come true! I now need to slot ACF in the mix… or maybe Pods…



  • Thanks for your comment, Antar. I’ve just wasted half an hour trying to find out how to change sidebar widths!

  • Hey guys! πŸ™‚

    I just wanted to let you know that I have a close eye on the feature request section.

    I’ve refactured the way sidebars are getting displayed and you’ll soon be able to change the sidebar position (or hide the sidebar completely) for archives (index.php, category.php, etc.) individually.

    In addition to that you can change the position on a post by post basis πŸ™‚

    Regarding hiding elements (like featured images) on posts: I’m still looking for the “best” solution here. I’d love to hear your use cases for removing a featured image or meta data on a post by post basis.



  • Hi, David –

    Thanks for the update! πŸ™‚

    I build web sites for communities. I design to empower people and groups who often have very low technical ability. My job is to deliver something that makes their posts/content look professional. Typically, everything works out well. The only problems tend to revolve around images.

    Non techies often don’t have access to things like Photoshop. Their images come straight off phones or are hacked around in some way. A low-res crop-job is the norm.

    Page templates do not make assumptions about the quality or size of a featured image. If a featured image is uploaded it is inserted into the layout no-matter what. The results can be disastrous! A low res image can be stretched across the entire page or a hi-res portrait shot can be used where a landscape image is preferred. It can all get very messy!

    What I would like to see is a system which considers the featured image and uses it according to its size/dimensions. For example:

    1) If the image is wider than the page – use as masthead.

    2) If the image is taller than it is wide, do not use at the top of the page.

    3) If the image is smaller than “x” do not use on the page.

    Failing that, just give the user the option to turn off the featured image! At least that way the page template won’t use a bad image in a bad way.



  • Hi Antar,

    thanks for the feedback! πŸ™‚

    I’ll dig into this but don’t want to take this too far for the moment. I think having an option to remove the featured image (and metadata) is a good starting point.

    PS: I’ve just updated the theme and removed the hard-coded “Search” headline from the searchform. It’s now optional to have a title in the sidebar search widget. Thanks for pointing this out! πŸ™‚

  • Hi, David –

    Thanks for the feedback. I spoke directly to the Beaver Themer team and asked if they could implement my suggestion about using featured images based on their size/aspect ratio. They liked the idea and I think a new filter was added to the latest update this week as a result.

    As for WPBF, a simple switch to turn off the featured image is a very good start!



  • Hi Antar,

    I’m closing this ticket as many of the requested features will be added with the next release(es).

    Here’s a quick summary:

    Cannot set sidebar (on per-post basis) – will be shipped with 1.6
    Cannot set content/sidebar widths – will be shipped with 1.6
    Cannot remove widget titles – fixed in 1.5.6
    Cannot set sub-menu (drop-down) width – planned for 1.7
    Cannot turn off featured image (on per-post basis) – planned for 1.7

    Please consider creating seperate tickets for each feature request next time so it’s more likely they get upvoted by other users.

    I’m currently writing the blog post for 1.6 and doing some final tests. You can expect an update within the next couple days.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚


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