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Allow Widgets in the footer


Right now we can only build a footer with copyright and a link to the website designer. It would be nice to have the possibility of adding a 2-3-4 column widget footer, or pre-footer if you will, without the need for a builder plugin. It’s a feature many commercial themes offer.


  • Yes, how did David V. place content on this page into the 4 featured “columns” in the “footer” (or is this what you call the “pre-footer”?)?

  • I think he used a builder plugin. You can do that with Divi or other builders, but then you have to manually add it to each page or create a model and load it for all pages. I actually created a “pre-footer” like this with Divi, then copied the Html and edited the footer php in the child theme, so that all pages would show this content at the bottom automatically.

    • Thanks, Daniele, VERY helpful comment for a very useful feature! – Best, ………….Peter

  • Hi Daniele,

    with the premium add-on you can add a saved row as a custom footer under the “Footer” tab in the WordPress customizer. Otherwise you can use one of the built in hooks like this:

    add_action( ‘wpbf_before_footer’, ‘your_custom_footer’ );
    function your_custom_footer() {

    echo do_shortcode( ‘[elementor-template id="xxx"]‘ );



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