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Allow for different logo when using transparent header


Hi David –

I often end up using the transparent header feature for the home page of new sites. And, many times these pages have dark backgrounds. I’m writing hoping you will consider updating the customizer so that we can use a different version of the logo when also using the transparent header.

As it is now, I have to use some CSS hacking to use a different logo on these pages, but it would be nice if we could just add a unique logo in the Transparent Header tab of the customizer.

Thanks for listening!


  • +1. This is a major customization that I believe should be default. I realize that each theme has its own uniqueness but this is one of the few that addreses almost every major possibility for a page builder. Great work David.

  • Hey guys,

    good news! Just wanted to let you know that this feature is on the way 🙂



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