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Add ADA Compliance to Theme



over the last few weeks, I’ve taken on a couple of projects that haven’t asked for a redesign, but instead they have a desire to make their website compliant with the US American with Disabilities Act. Hopefully you are aware of the trend.

Anyway, I have my dev team working on building an awesome tool to audit sites for ADA compliance, but implementing these requirements into an existing site is very tedious and cumbersome – especially for older themes or themes from lower quality developers.

I also thought about creating a plugin for this, but that’s a slippery slope… theme integration is the most efficient way to handle this I think…

Maybe this could be an option for Premium members?




David, here are some resources as requested:


Development tools

WordPress goes WCAG

https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-accessibility/ (this is plugin)

this is a theme developer that has already built these requirements into his framework…. but his is a shortcode based system… no bueno 🙂

Accessible WordPress Themes

Let me know if you need anything else! and thanks for considering it!


  • Hi Neil,

    what are the requirements for ADA compliance? It would be great if you have any resources to share with me so I can get an idea.



    • @David

      In a nutshell, ADA Compliance has a lot to do with Screen Readers being able to help users Navigate and Understand Content through Audible Communication.

      Simply put, when a User Mouses-over or Tabs through a Navigation Menu, the Navigation Items should be able to be read out-loud by the Screen Reader.

      More Advanced items would be: Contact Form Labels/Fields with ‘Aria’* text.

      NOTE: For Media, just practice Good SEO by adding ALT & Title Tags to every image / For Visual Impairments: Be sure to have Excellent Contrast between Text and Backgrounds (this site is a great example) / Any External Links should contains in the Title=”” tag: “Opens in new window or tab”.

      *Now-a-days, just about every Quality Theme or Plugin contains ‘Aria’ tags for ADA readability. Use Google Chrome’s [Inspect Element] to see this in the code. EXAMPLE: On the “Reply” link below your post: aria-label=”Reply to David Vongries” “Audits” tab to perform [√] Accessibility Audits. This is a HUGE help (Right-click on a webpage > Inspect).


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