Dynamic CSS generation

We dynamically create a CSS file that holds all the changes you make inside the WordPress customizer. That way we don’t need to add inline styles to the head area of your website.

Depending on your server configuration, the following message may show up in your wp-admin area:

The customizer.css file couldn't be saved/modified on your server. Please adjust permissions for the wpbf-child/css folder and wpbf-child/css/wpbf-customizer.css file. For more details, please check out our Documentation.

This message pops up if your server doesn’t have curl installed and allow_url_fopen is turned off.

Note: No worries! If the CSS generation fails, it will fall back to a slightly slower ajax CSS generation, so you and your visitors will still be able to see the changes you made in the WordPress customizer.


  • make a random style change (changing your menu background-color for instance) and hit save in the customizer
  • edit the file/folder permissions as mentioned in the error message to 755 if necessary
  • reach out to your host and ask them if cUrl is installed
  • ask your host to turn on allow_url_fopen (should be the last option since this is a security issue)

Note: You need to resave the customizer settings to see if your changes took affect!

Changes in the customizer don’t apply to the front end

In some rare cases the changes you make in the customizer are not visible on the front end without any error message. That happens if writing the file was successful but an error occured during the dynamic css generation.

If that’s the case, please:

  • move your site off a staging environment
  • grab the content of the wpbf-customizer.css file and send it to us by creating a ticket